About us

At TabAds our goal is to utilize the hours’ people spend while traveling in cabs daily. We monitor about 1000+ rides happening every day and about 2,000+ people who spend 35 minutes of their day in cabs.

Through advertising on our platform, you can directly interact with taxi riders as there is no way for them to skip your advertisement or ignore it as it is placed behind the headrest which is right in front of them.

Automated Process

With real-time uploads, you can update your messaging immediately to optimise your campaign. Our touch-screen tablets activate as soon as the taxi starts, capturing your audience’s attention with your content on demand.


Our touch screens command attention, providing information, engagement,and entertainment. Boost response rates with interactive offers delivered directly to your customer’s mobile or email.

Monitor Your Analytics

Every screen is supported by sophisticated analytics software so you get detailed reports on trips, views, clicks and time spent interacting to help monitor campaign effectiveness and leverage ROI.


interactive, direct marketing opportunities to target a captive audience.

Customer Support

We are available 24-7 for client servicing and have a dedicated team working towards maintaining relations with people who matter & collaborate with us. We are always happy to answer any queries you may have for us.

Meet our team

Patrick Cheruiyot