High Impact Tops

Draw attention and elevate your brand with our taxi top creative with a more premium look:

  • Mass reach/frequency in high traffic areas
  • Two sided led illuminated

Why Taxi High Impact Tops?

With many different avenues to advertise, and numerous competitors fighting for your consumers, what makes advertising on taxis tops such an important aspect of your marketing strategy?

Taxis Dominate

At the ideal eye-level height, taxis in Nairobi are in essence a 24/7 mobile billboard. Across a typical week, taxis travel hundreds of miles, and visit many locations, namely:

• High streets
• Offices
• Hotels
• Airports

Taxis are always close to your potential customers
Whether it is on a high street, in a retail environment, near a station packed with commuters, or in the heart of a city close to the business community, taxis are never far away from your potential customers.

What are the statistics

At an average of 3,000 impressions per kilometer, you will get approximately 200,000 impressions per day

Taxi top advertising has one of the lowest CPM, hence cost-effective and even more efficient than other forms of advertising, for example, billboards.